Friday, January 11, 2013


The clock struck twelve and its January 1st. So I hear you bought a gym membership, you are going cold turkey on the smoking habit, oh and you're promising yourself to spend more time with your family. Maybe you were thinking of paying off all your credit cards and learning a new language.
Ah, nothing better than the sweet sound of resolutions at the beginning of the year. Good ol' clean slate.

Who came up with the concept of making yearly goals that fizzle out by mid-February? There goes the discipline we thought we had. The little voice echoes in your head -"this year will be different, i'm sticking to my resolution". Let be honest here, if you've had the same resolution two years in a row, there's a huge probability of it falling on the list of fails.

I, for one, think my goal is pretty achievable. I am not the type to create resolutions but this year I decided to join in on the millions of people who year after year obliged in self inflicted commitments. I am committing to a total of five vacations this year or two big trips. I know this sounds a bit ambitious but definitely possible. So as I embark on this whole resolution thing, I hear you rooting!- Let the travel deal research begin!

What are some of your resolutions for this year? How do you keep the momentum going past the first three months of the year?


LTravels said...

Sounds awesome- Where is your first destination?

Fashionista622 said...

I haven't been keeping to resolutions. In fact I didn't even promise to give up anything for Lent. Sad? No. I want to live life with the promise of just making things happen. The travel part is also in my horizon. To travel is to live right babes?

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