Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Legends- Something to Hold On To

A legend is often based on an event that happened in the past. The way the story unfolds usually involves some sort of hero, in some amazing place but the stories have a deeper significance which is why they are passed on from generation to generation. The only catch to how the legend is kept alive, is that somewhere during the passing of the story from one person to the next, people add their very own twist. This makes it hard to keep the true essence of the story. Hawaiians have many legends to keep their culture alive.

Aside from its gold sand beaches stretching as far as the eye can see, are the vast blue ocean that gives way to the islands of Lanai and Molokai off in the distance. This place has so much history. One of Ka'anapali Beaches's most famous attraction is the daily cliff diving ceremony off of the beach's northernmost cliffs, known as "Black Rock" (Puu Kekaa). So every evening at sunset, the Sheraton Hotel show cases a tradition for their guests and locals alike of a ritual that has been in place for generations. The ceremony takes 7-10 minutes total. As the shy sun drops low inviting for a gradient sunset, the Hawaiian warrior runs on the beach and on to the cliff with a torch at hand. His bravery is unparalleled. He climbs up this huge cliff that clearly states how dangerous it is, let alone the fact that he holds a torch but his muscular physique somehow makes me feel at ease. He lights up the torches up top of the black rock and proceeds to offer up the lei to the heavens above. As he stops at the very tip of the cliff, he addresses the ancient Hawaiian gods (in native Hawaiian language, Pidgin) and cliff dives head first into the dark ocean below him. According to the legend, a man named Moemoe insulted the demigod of Maui, who turned Moemoe into the rock. Since then, the black rock is said to be a place from which spirits depart to go to their ancestral homelands. How is that for a legend?!- Do you have any legends in your culture?


Jason Shiles said...

Its funny how traditions change over time, i wonder how the story really went back in the days!-JS

LTravels said...

You are a great writer, i feel like I'm now Ka'anapali dreaming - Awesome images!

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