Sunday, July 15, 2012

Bastille Day

French Toast. And of course, a toast to the French!! We owe it to them for; easy to make breakfast, the statue of Liberty, crepes and croissants. So today, we New Yorkers celebrate Bastille Day, the best way we know how.
There are a couple of events around the city commemorating the birth of the Republic and the beginning of the French revolution.

Street Fair
French Can Can Dancers
French Institute Alliance Francaise
Location: 60th Street Between Lexington Ave & Fifth Ave
Description: Everyone is invited to enjoy crepes, canales, French wines, listen to live music and shop the French themed market stalls. There will also be various contests. Prizes include French dinner, gift baskets and a trip to France.

French Eatery
Brassiere Julien
Time: 7pm- Midnight
Location: 1422 Third Avenue (80th Street)
Description: Listen to Janelle Allbritton Trio with a "Paris Around the Corner" themed jazz while enjoying crepes, croque monsieur, omelettes, paired with  mimosas and bellini.

Paris Opera Ballet
Paris Opera "Giselle"
Time: 3pm
Location: 20 Lincoln Center Plaza (63rd Street)
Description: This romantic ballet features stirring music, elegant choreography, and amazing performances. It was first performed in 1841.


Fashionista622 said...

Merci Mademoiselle! Where are my crepes? Would love to have had some this morning and a side of Ballet. :)

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